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    Safety culture | Performance measurement | Leadership

    2014 CEOs Who 'Get It'

    The National Safety Council recognizes 10 leaders who demonstrate a personal commitment to worker safety and health

    February 1, 2014

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    Read about the 2015 CEOs Who "Get It"

    The National Safety Council introduces the 2014 CEOs Who “Get It,” an annual recognition of leaders who demonstrate a personal commitment to world-class safety.

    According to Jim Johnson, vice president of workplace safety initiatives at NSC, these leaders have instilled within their organizations the four pillars of the Journey to Safety Excellence: leadership and engagement, safety management systems, continuous risk reduction, and performance measurement. “The Council is honored to recognize such strong examples of safety leadership in this year’s group of CEOs Who ‘Get It,’” Johnson said. “We hope other leaders follow suit with a steadfast dedication to the Journey.”

    On the following pages, read Q&As with 10 leaders who share how they have overcome obstacles to safety in the workplace, how they became leaders who understand the importance of worker safety, how they instill that value in their employees, and more.

    Does your CEO 'get it'?

    The National Safety Council looks to recognize leaders whose actions demonstrate a personal commitment to worker safety and health. It doesn't matter if your organization has 50 employees or 50,000. If you believe your CEO should be recognized, submit a form telling us why.

    • Patrick GallagherPatrick Gallagher

      Under Secretary of Commerce for Standards and Technology and NIST Director, The National Institute of Standards and Technology
    • Thomas F. Gilbane Jr.Thomas F. Gilbane Jr.

      Chairman and CEO, Gilbane Inc.
    • Paul W. HanleyPaul W. Hanley

      Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Safety, Department of the Navy
    • Terry M. KasnaviaTerry M. Kasnavia

      President and CEO, PIKA International Inc.
    • Craig L. MartinCraig L. Martin

      President and CEO, Jacobs
    • Rick MedlinRick Medlin

      President and CEO, Fruit of the Loom Inc.
    • Bill MonetBill Monet

      President and CEO, Akima LLC
    • William W. RencheckMichael W. Rencheck

      President and CEO, AREVA Inc.
    • Elane StockElane Stock

      President, Kimberly-Clark Professional, a business sector of the Kimberly-Clark Corp.
    • Dwayne A. WilsonDwayne A. Wilson

      President and CEO, Savannah River Nuclear Solutions