Industry reps call for OSHA compliance assistance during House hearing

OSHA should work more as an “assister” than an enforcer. The agency should write standards in easy-to-grasp language, accompanied by fact sheets and other guidance materials. OSHA’s website should become more user-friendly, and the agency needs more consistency in enforcing its current standards. These suggestions were among those made by a panel of industry representatives during a Feb. 27 hearing before the House Subcommittee on Workforce Protections.
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Preventing backover incidents

With federal regulations no longer on the horizon, workers need to know how to stay safe around backing vehicles
Despite advances in technology, injuries and deaths from backing vehicles continue to occur. With federal regulation no longer on the horizon, experts say employers need to implement best practices to keep workers safe.
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Out in the cold

How to avoid injuries and illnesses when temperatures plummet
As outdoor temperatures plummet, employers and employees alike can take steps to help prevent injuries and illnesses when workers have to brave the elements to get the job done.
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Hot work hazards

Taking proper precautions is vital to avoiding injury, death
Safety+Health looks at the recommended safety measures for "hot work" – any activity that may produce flames, sparks and/or heat.
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