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Kyle Morrison's blog

On Safety

A blog by Safety+Health Senior Associate Editor Kyle W. Morrison


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Will the 114th Congress feature more bipartisanship?

Members of the House Education and the Workforce Committee called for bipartisanship to achieve common goals during the committee’s first meeting of the new Congress. Will it happen?
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New recordkeeping proposal: Good idea or burden?

Should site-controlling employers record injuries of other employers’ workers? At least one congressman thinks so.
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OSHA Roundup for Jan. 20, 2015

Site-controlling employers would be required to record all injuries under newly proposed legislation. Read about this story and more in this week’s OSHA Roundup.
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OSHA Roundup for Jan. 12, 2015

The poultry industry criticizes OSHA about enforcement following the agency issuing 11 citations to a poultry facility. Read about this story and more in this week’s OSHA Roundup.
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Federal Annual Monitoring and Evaluation Reports: California

Every year, OSHA evaluates each of the 27 State Plan states and territories. Today, I'm looking at the federal agency’s latest review of California.
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OSHA Roundup for Jan. 5, 2015

Kick off the new year with some recently published best practices. Read about these and other stories in this week’s OSHA Roundup.
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Who’s responsible?

When a worker dies on the job, does the fault lie with the employer or the government’s oversight agency? A Wyoming newspaper and the state’s OSHA program recently debated the question in the editorial pages.
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The health effects of prolonged sitting

It’s becoming more well-known that sitting for long periods is not healthy. This puts millions of office workers at risk. But do you know exactly what prolonged sitting does to your body? Watch two videos to learn about the health effects of sitting – and what you can do to soften the damage.

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OSHA Roundup for Dec. 22, 2014

OSHA’s budget through September has been signed into law. Read about this story and others in this week’s OSHA Roundup.
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OSHA 2015 budget breakdown

OSHA’s budget for fiscal year 2015 is now set. Find out where the money is going.
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