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Quit Raining Wrenches on Your Co-Workers: An Objects-at-Heights Webinar

7/24/13 12:00 pm CDT
Aerial safety goes beyond standard fall protection. When you have a “butterfinger” type of day (and we’ve all had ’em), the tools and equipment you rely on can quickly turn into plummeting little (or big) bombs of destruction. In the past, objects-at-heights hazard-planning has been an afterthought – or not even a thought. Today, regulators and professionals acknowledge the serious, life-threatening risks of falling objects and are instilling rules to ensure proper precautions are followed in the workplace. This webinar will address:
  • Objects-at-heights safety and how it is part of safety-at-heights planning
  • Costs of dropped objects and other objects-at-heights hazards
  • Best practice for objects at heights within the Hierarchy of Controls