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Gas detector

The Senscient ELDS Laser-Based Open Path Gas Detector can detect a wide range of flammable (methane, ethylene, sour gas) or toxic (ammonia, carbon dioxide, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen fluoride, hydrogen sulfide) gases for a broad range of industrial, oil and gas production, and petrochemical processing applications.
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Passive hearing protection

left/RIGHT Passive Hearing Protection Earmuffs are different from other earmuffs on the market – the cups are designed to account for the asymmetrical position of each ear on the head.
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Trends in ... respiratory protection

‘Strive for maximum safety’
An estimated 5 million workers are required to wear respirators in 1.3 million U.S. workplaces every year, in an effort to protect against “insufficient oxygen environments, harmful dusts, fogs, smokes, mists, gases, vapors, and sprays,” OSHA states.
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Safety goggle/faceshield

The Vertoggle Goggle/Faceshield Combination offers a high-performance goggle with a mounted, compact faceshield – providing complete eye and face impact/splash protection.
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Trends in ... fall protection

Getting it right

Falls are a common cause of serious work-related injuries and deaths. Employers whose workers are exposed to fall hazards are responsible for ensuring not only that those workers have appropriate fall protection, but also that they’re trained on how to use it. Here, fall protection industry insiders describe what’s new in the field and why it’s important to remember that fall protection can be more intricate than meets the eye.

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