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Safety helmet

The Vented Serpent Safety Helmet offers all-day comfort and excellent ventilation combined with optimal head protection.
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Trends in personal protective equipment

PPE manufacturers discuss new technology, customer concerns and what’s on the horizon in their field
Personal protective equipment manufacturers talked to S+H about current trends in PPE, the challenges their customers are facing, and new technologies that are here or on the horizon.
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Reusable earplugs

Twisters are a long-wearing, reusable earplug solution. Their unique, triple-flanged design ensures excellent noise attenuation and long-term comfort.
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Trends in ... eye protection

Getting it right
Workplace-related eye injuries often are caused by one of two things: Workers aren’t wearing eye protection at the time of the incident, or they’re wearing the wrong kind of protection for the task at hand, according to the American Optometric Association.
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Trends in ... women's PPE

Outfitting the entire workforce

Historically, PPE has been designed with a man’s body size and shape in mind. But when Safety+Health reached out to the International Safety Equipment Association regarding progress on designing personal protective equipment for women, manufacturers’ representatives were quick to respond.

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Protective eyewear

GirlzGear safety products, tailored for women, include StarLite SM and Scorpion SM safety glasses – popular styles that are 10 percent smaller to better fit the female profile.
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Face shields

Venom Face Shields provide protection against workplace hazards with a molded, contoured design that offers improved coverage over traditional-style visors.
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