Overhead crane warning LED spotlight

Built with heavy-duty die-cast aluminum to withstand the toughest environments, the FOREWARNER-MAXI state-of-the-art overhead crane warning LED projects a solid white, blue or red tightly focused spotlight on the floor to alert pedestrians to the hook’s location.
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LED indicator series

Offering high-intensity daylight visibility hundreds of times brighter than its 600 Series predecessor, the high-visibility 670 Series LED Panel Mount Indicator is ideal for main and remote power, status, maintenance, warning and instrumentation indication for front-panel mounting in hole sizes from 5 mm to 16 mm.
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Work light stands

The LED Dual Fixture Work Light on Tripod Stand (model SL-1530) is a 10,000-lumen work light that can be directed independently, allowing users to position each fixture exactly where light is needed.
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Final certifications allow the BUCKLITE headlight to be used in all Ex (Group I, Group IIC, Group IIIC) environments.
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Explosion-proof LED light fixture

The HALD-24-1X100LED Hazardous Area LED Light Fixture is designed to provide operators with a powerful and energy-efficient alternative to traditional hazardous location luminaires.
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Safety light curtain

The F3SG-RE Global Safety Light Curtain is designed for machine guarding solutions that do not require blanking or muting capabilities.
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