Personal eyewash

The Plum Duo Eye Wash features a dual eye piece that allows workers to keep both eyes open while two streams of solution flow from the inner eyes toward the outside to keep tear ducts free from further contamination.
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Emergency tank shower

The Gravityflo Emergency Tank Shower is designed with a mammoth 2,000-liter (528-gallon) tank to solve the dilemma regarding compliance with safety standards on a site with no running water or inadequate water pressure.
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Emergency shower

Heat Trace Showers with Halo Technology provide safe and fast eyewash and emergency shower relief in the most extreme, frigid environments.
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Emergency signaling systems

Customized Emergency Signaling Systems are designed to quickly alert and mobilize emergency response teams to personnel who are using emergency safety showers and eye/facewash fixtures.
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Self-contained emergency eyewash station

The Helios Self-Contained Emergency Eyewash Station offers a super-slim profile, providing industrial facilities and small shops with space constraints with the ability to upgrade to an emergency eyewash station that meets ANSI Z358.1-2014 requirements.
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Eyewash and shower system kit

This eyewash and shower system kit modifies outdated Haws and ineffective competitive units, thereby improving functionality with advanced AXION MSR technology.
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