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  • Shift worker health and safety
    Shift work is a way of life for nearly 15 million Americans, spurring numerous studies that link the practice to health problems and chronic conditions. “It’s really important to recognize these risks, and we need to understand them and we need to treat them,” a leading researcher says.
  • The ROI of safety
    "When improving safety for the merit of just having a safer workplace is not enough, it's often a very powerful argument with leadership to help explain the cost of safety by showing the economic benefits of safety," one expert says. The challenge: lack of a universal formula.
  • OIG report: Underreporting of injuries remains obstacle for OSHA, MSHA
    Washington — OSHA’s efforts to require employers to report occupational fatalities and certain injuries in a timely manner lack “sufficient guidance on how to detect and prevent underreporting,” the Department of Labor Office of the Inspector General states in its semiannual report to Congress.
  • Technology, ‘big data’ and worker safety
    Advances in technology are expected to turn a stream of data into “a giant flash flood.” That future is arriving sooner than you think, but what might it mean for the world of occupational safety? Five experts weigh in.

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