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OSHA issues Site-Specific Targeting Program for 2014

Washington – OSHA has released its annual inspection plan targeting workplaces with high rates of injuries and illnesses.

The 2014 Site-Specific Targeting Program is based on injury and illness rates collected from a survey of establishments with 20 or more employees in industries with historically high injury and illness rates. The survey was conducted in 2012 and is based on days away, restricted or transferred rates, or days away from work injury and illness case rates from 2011.

This year’s primary inspection list is similar to the previous one. Targeted manufacturing establishments include those with DART rates of 7.0 or greater and DAFWII case rates of 5.0 or greater. Non-manufacturing establishments being targeted (with the exception of nursing or personal care facilities) have DART rates of 15.0 or greater or DAFWII case rates of 14.0 or greater.

Also included in this year’s SST program is a continuation of a study examining recidivism rates of previously inspected establishments. Intended to gauge the program’s effectiveness, the study will be based on 1,260 randomly selected establishments.

The program went into effect Feb. 2, and will remain in effect for one year.