Recordkeeping Office of Management and Budget

Auto dealers ask to remain exempt from OSHA recordkeeping rule

Washington – Automobile dealerships should remain exempt from OSHA’s injury and illness recordkeeping requirements, the National Automobile Dealers Association stated during a March 26 meeting with officials from OSHA and the Office of Management and Budget.

OMB is reviewing a final rule that would revise OSHA’s list of partially exempt industries – a move based in part on the agency’s decision to transition from using the Standard Industrial Classification codes to the North American Industry Classification System. Under the proposal, auto dealerships would no longer be exempt from recordkeeping requirements.

Doug Greenhaus, director of environment, health and safety for NADA, attended the meeting. Greenhaus told Safety+Health magazine that the requirements would impose burdens with no commensurate worker safety benefits. NADA also used the meeting to reiterate comments submitted to the agency in 2011.

OMB began its review of the rule Feb. 19. The process is supposed to last no more than 90 days.