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Illinois unveils online traffic safety program for responders

Springfield, IL – The Illinois Department of Transportation recently announced plans to offer an online version of its Traffic Incident Management Training Program for emergency responders.

The program is similar to the National Traffic Incident Management Responder Training Program offered by the Federal Highway Administration, but focuses on issues pertaining to responders in Illinois. IDOT’s online program will be available to transportation workers, police and firefighters, as well as towing and recovery crews, with the mission to improve safety at incident scenes, according to the department.

The online training includes 11 modules, each lasting 15-30 minutes and narrated by an expert in the field. The in-class session runs for a half-day.

“The better trained emergency responders are when arriving to an incident scene, the better the outcome for everyone,” Illinois Secretary of Transportation Ann L. Schneider said in a press release. “It is very important to us to provide an easy, convenient training option for emergency responders to help ensure safety for all traveling on Illinois roadways.”

For additional information about IDOT’s program, call Geno Koehler at (217) 782-2984.