Seniors hesitant to stop driving despite declining physical abilities: survey

Boston – Many senior drivers are regularly behind the wheel despite limited physical abilities, according to a new survey released June 24 by Liberty Mutual Insurance.

Researchers surveyed 1,000 adults 75 or older and found that while driving during the previous six months, 78 percent said they drive regularly even with declining physical abilities, 16 percent said they tire easily or have slow reaction times, 13 percent said they had difficulty seeing or hearing, and 9 percent said they got lost or felt confused.

Of the participants, 582 reported they still drive, 41 percent drive every day and 38 percent drive several times a week.

Although nearly all senior drivers surveyed said they would consider limiting or stopping their driving for the right reason, most were hesitant, as 64 percent reported they are concerned about losing independence, 47 percent do not want to be less active, 45 percent would have difficulty finding other transportation and 45 percent would feel isolated.

Liberty Mutual commissioned market research agency ORC International to conduct the study.