Seasonal safety: Summer Heat stress State Plan states

Minnesota OSHA to employers: Protect workers from summer weather hazards

St. Paul, MN – Minnesota OSHA is advising the state’s employers and employees to prepare for severe weather this summer.

In the July issue of its Safety Lines newsletter, the State Plan state offers the following tips:

  • To reduce the risk of heat stress, acclimatize workers to hot environments and make sure workers regularly drink water, rest in the shade and know how to react in a heat-related emergency.
  • Employers should have response or disaster preparedness plans for addressing tornado-related hazards such as downed power lines, slippery walkways and debris with sharp edges.
  • Workers should be trained on evacuation plans in the event of flooding, which presents electrical hazards, mold, pests (rodents, snakes, insects, etc.), and chemical and biological hazards.