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Obama nominates Kristen Kulinowski as CSB member


Washington – President Barack Obama has nominated Kristen Kulinowski as a member of the Chemical Safety Board.

Since 2011, Kulinowski has served as a research staff member at Washington-based IDA Science and Technology Policy Institute. She also is a faculty member with the Rice University Department of Chemistry, where she has worked for 15 years.

Kulinowski has devoted part of her career to investigating the environmental and health risks of engineered nanomaterials. A White House press release that announced Kulinowski’s nomination on Jan. 8 said she has advised governments in North America, Europe and Asia about nanotechnology policy issues.

If the Senate confirms Kulinowski’s nomination, she will join two other newly confirmed CSB members. On Dec. 16, the Senate confirmed Richard J. Engler and Manuel H. Ehrlich Jr. to five-year terms on the board.

Both Engler and Ehrlich endured lengthy waits before their Senate confirmations. Engler initially was nominated in December 2012, and Ehrlich was nominated in January 2014.