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FMCSA delays final rule for electronic logging devices


Photo: cosmonaut/iStock/Thinkstock

Washington – The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has pushed back its projected publication date for a final rule regarding electronic logging devices.

The final rule now is expected to be published Nov. 9 rather than the originally scheduled date of Sept. 30, FMCSA announced in the Department of Transportation’s February rulemakings report. FMCSA stated that a need for additional coordination was the reason for the delay, but did not specify the agencies or organizations with which it still needs to coordinate.

FMCSA has worked for several years to require ELDs (previously referred to as electronic onboard recorders) for commercial motor vehicle drivers to measure their compliance with hours-of-service regulations. The agency said requiring ELDs would improve safety by reducing fatigued-related crashes that could result from drivers falsifying their records to work more hours.

A previous rule regarding the use of ELDs was vacated in 2011 after an appellate court ruled that motor carriers could use the devices to harass drivers. A proposed version of the new final rule includes measures to address concerns about harassment, FMCSA said.