Worker health and wellness

Heart association makes recommendations on workplace wellness programs

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Photo: American Heart Association

Dallas – Workplace wellness programs do not fully address employees’ heart health, according to a new report from the American Heart Association.

An AHA advisory panel examined research on wellness programs and six major health recognition programs. According to a press release, the panel identified two crucial gaps: recognition programs inconsistently score wellness programs, and wellness programs gloss over workers’ cardiovascular health.

AHA recommends seven factors that can help prevent heart disease among employees:

  1. Be more active
  2. Control cholesterol
  3. Eat healthier
  4. Manage blood pressure
  5. Lose weight
  6. Reduce blood sugar
  7. Quit smoking

Additionally, AHA’s “My Life Check” tool measures a person’s heart health based on the seven metrics.

The report was published online April 13 in the journal Circulation.