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CSB invites public to weigh in on agency’s future

Mark Griffon

Mark Griffon

Washington – For the first time in a long time, the Chemical Safety Board is asking stakeholders and members of the public to help shape the future of the agency.

CSB conducted a public meeting June 10 that included a discussion about emerging safety issues and what the agency should focus on in its strategic plan. The meeting followed a promise by CSB to be more transparent and accountable in the wake of congressional scrutiny and the ouster of former Chairman Rafael Moure-Eraso.

Board member Mark Griffon led the meeting. Griffon is serving as interim chairman while the Senate mulls the nomination of Vanessa Sutherland to lead CSB.

“These types of meetings have not been held – in terms of general public meetings – until the leadership of Interim Chairman Griffon,” fellow board member Richard Engler said. “We hope to be able to continue that.”

Stakeholders said they were grateful to be included in the strategic planning process. Possible topics to scrutinize going forward include the use of the concept known as “Safety Case,” corrosion, inherently safer technology and possible trends that could be uncovered in CSB’s incident database.