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FACEValue: Laborer killed after struck by car in parking lot

Case report: #12KY037*
Issued by: Kentucky Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation Program

A 29-year-old worker was outside under a metal stairway in the loading dock area of a manufacturing plant during his lunch break. A co-worker got in her car in the employee parking lot. The car unexpectedly malfunctioned when in reverse, sped backward and crashed into the stairway. The collision pushed the metal stairway along the wall of the factory, crushing the worker between the building and the passenger side of the car. Emergency medical services arrived and a forklift was used to move the metal stairway from the back of the car and give emergency workers access to the victim. The victim died in the hospital about three hours after the incident. The cause of death was listed as multiple blunt force injuries.

To help prevent similar occurrences:

  • Employers should establish policies that require workers to use designated, safe break areas. Employees should refrain from taking breaks in areas that are inherently unsafe.
  • Outdoor break areas, if provided, should be in areas that are separated from vehicular traffic.