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OSHA releases confined space resource

protecting construction workers

Photo: OSHA

Washington – OSHA has published new guidance intended to help small businesses comply with the agency’s Confined Spaces in Construction Standard.

The publication outlines several aspects of confined spaces in construction, including:

  • The difference between confined spaces and permit-required confined spaces
  • Work covered by the standard
  • Employer responsibilities
  • Worker training
  • Rescue and emergency services

The guide also includes examples of a permit-required confined space program and entry permit.

According to the guide, a confined space presents hazards not found in normal work environments, including insufficient oxygen or hazardous levels of toxic gases, mechanical and electrical hazards, and fumes from a flammable liquid used in a poorly ventilated area.

“Such hazards endanger both the workers in the confined space and others who become exposed to the hazards when they attempt to rescue injured workers,” the publication states.