Video answers FAQs on youth concussions

Washington – When her organization discusses sports safety and concussions, Safe Kids Worldwide President and CEO Kate Carr often hears many of the same questions from parents: What exactly is a concussion? How is the severity of concussion measured? When is it OK for children with concussions to return to play?

Safe Kids Worldwide hopes that a new video series will provide answers – and help keep children safer while playing youth sports. The series’ first video is about five minutes long and features medical experts, athletes, coaches and children.

In the video, Dr. Gerard Gioia of Children’s National Health System says parents and youth coaches should watch for two factors:

  • Did a direct impact or blow to the head take place?
  • Does the athlete appear to be functioning differently, physically or emotionally?

“If they see that blow and any one of those signs or symptoms is endorsed as a ‘yes’ or a ‘likely,’ it’s very important that the athlete be pulled off of that field at the time the injury is suspected, and we don’t let them back on the field until they are fully recovered,” Gioia says.