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OSHA issues fact sheets on agricultural, maritime safety


Photo: iStock/Thinkstock

Washington – OSHA has released new fact sheets for workers in the agriculture and maritime industries.

The agricultural fact sheet, which focuses on tractor hazards, states that the majority of farmworker injuries and deaths are the result of tractor incidents such as overturns and unintended contact with tractor attachments or implements. General tips from the fact sheet include:

  • Make sure workers are acquainted with farm machinery.
  • Review proper operating procedures. Safety stickers should be in good condition.
  • Make sure operators know about ditches, uneven ground and nearby bystanders.
  • Do not allow children to be around tractors.
  • Use adequate ventilation when operating a tractor indoors.
  • Avoid operating a tractor on highways during busy times or poor visibility.

The resource also covers the benefits of rollover protective structures, safety belt requirements, power take-off shafts, training and emergency planning.

The maritime fact sheet addresses hazards stemming from the repair and maintenance of refrigeration systems on vessels. Workers can be exposed to ammonia and halocarbons when performing maintenance or repair or during leaks. The fact sheet explains the hazards, requirements for employers, “common exposure thresholds,” safety requirements and recommended best practices.