NSC estimates 466 people will die in crashes over Fourth of July weekend

The National Safety Council is projecting that 466 people will be killed – and another 53,600 will be injured – in motor vehicle crashes over the Fourth of July weekend. This is the highest number of deaths NSC has predicted for the three-day period since 2008.

“The number of people dying on our roadways is unacceptable,” Deborah A.P. Hersman, president and CEO of NSC, said in a press release. “The Council issues these estimates not to scare drivers but to empower them to make safe decisions behind the wheel. We hope Americans will spend their holiday safely watching fireworks and celebrating with family rather than sitting in an emergency room.”

To help ensure a safe holiday, NSC recommends:

  • Making sure every passenger buckles up. NSC estimates 181 lives could be saved this holiday by wearing seat belts.
  • Designating an alcohol- and drug-free driver, or arranging alternate transportation.
  • Getting plenty of sleep and taking regular breaks to avoid fatigue on long trips.
  • Never using a cell phone, including hands-free devices, behind the wheel.