Save the date: Upcoming NSC Divisions events

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The National Safety Council Professional Safety Network, also known as the NSC Divisions, is pleased to invite all NSC members to attend these upcoming free events:
Dec. 5: Women’s Caucus webinar and call.
Dec. 7: Business & Industry Division webinar and call. NFPA 70 will be discussed.
Dec. 10: Government & Public Sector Division webinar and call. Fatigue in the workplace is on the agenda.
Dec. 12: Young Professionals Division webinar and conference call. Linda Martin, winner of the 2018 Marion Martin Award, will speak about safety leadership and the benefits of mentoring.
Dec. 13: Transportation Safety Division webinar and call. Opioid use and its effects in the transportation industry is on the agenda.

Division business will be discussed at each event. Want more information on NSC Divisions, or want to join the NSC Professional Safety Network? Complete the application process. Membership in NSC Divisions is free for NSC member companies.