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2020 Job Outlook

Job Outlook
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Survey results: How would you describe the current job market for safety and health professionals?

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We have an opening. i know similar industries also have openings. theres more positions available than bodies to fill the positions.

safety is always the first cut.

Fluid. Consultants will be the wave of the future due to companies (small and medium) having limited resources.

There are jobs for 4 year degree in safety graduates or well experienced with certifications.

poor, mostly due to lack of funding. Companies look at safety officers as necessary evil and nothing but overhead. The cost of compliance is borderline extortion because people use the excuse that "it's cheaper than the fines and lawsuits if something goes wrong"

How would you describe the current job market for safety and health professionals?

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It was a very strong market in 2019 for all EHS professionals, but now with the current virus situation, alot of EHS professionals might just loose their full time jobs.

The market is wide open to those who are willing to be passionate about their job, are willing to change with technology, and have a hunger to learn. There is no limit to where they could end up in thier careers.

It is a strong job market.

Honestly I have no idea.

The current environment is challenging - more companies are moving to digital solutions for recordkeeping and records creation / management along with more robotics. Newer professionals need to be highly adaptable from "traditional" workplace hazards and solutions to a workplace with a high level of automation and digitization.







people are going to be scared to enter the field

stable there are not as many people that are considering a career in EHS as I would like to see

Dont know, Im not in the market

Wide Open. Not for the young and inexperienced College graduate though. Real working experience is needed to survive at a respectable level.

Very active and very positive

I'm not sure. I've never really looked at the job market. I migrated into a safety position from another discipline within my organization.


I can't say that I have done any kind of looking at all. It seems like when I go to conferences and meetings, there are plenty of people there.


Relatively good

It is difficult to answer this question in the midst of a pandemic

I think there is a demand at the moment


Very Good.

I believe that it is stable and will get better. EH&S professionals will be utilized more since covid-19 was such a big deal.


It will have more openings in the next 5 to 10 years due to retirements.


A great opportunity to grow in the industry and it’s in need for more safety professionals.

Too much emphasis on CSP etc and no common sense and or real world experience

Now hiring.


Horrible! We are always the first to lose

Our jobs in the oil and gas sector.

Many employers look at us as extraneous to core business practice

Stable. I believe the economy is strong and company's have the appropriate staffing.

Education will certainly get you in the door, but if can add stable employment excelling in continuous training, certifications and learning towards E,H & S subjects, a person with limited higher education might be a better fit for your facility.


Companies often look at the safety and health employees as a short term fix to staffing levels, rather than considering the consequences of decreasing these positions like fines and accident related costs.

Current as of the last 3 weeks with COVID-19? BLEAK! Before COVID-19 - EXCELLENT


I believe the outlook for H&S professionals will keep growing.

I think that the current job market is great for S&H professionals. With the recent outbreak, it only serves to show how many different hats we do wear and it reinforces our drills and/or tail gates to proves that, unfortunately, these things do happen. Which is why we talk about them and prepare for them.

Grim, employers place no value in this profession, and due to the amount of "posers" out there just collecting a paycheck, we all get treated equally, with dis-regard and without value, only as a requirement.





Not great

I think it's solid but only to the extent that the professional continues to remain relevant within their industry, i.e. I don't think a professional can afford to sit on past accomplishments and think they are safe from replacement.

not sure

experience is king, few people in area with common sense experience

Very tough with current COVID-19 outbreak

Demanding within the heavy civil market.

It is a good one but not all jobs realize the value these personnel do and do not put the emphasis on their position or salary to reflect what they do.

There is a large need for entry level safety professionals



Very good

It is very needed in almost any company.


I have really not looked however the profession should be strong with the changes in regulations and emphasis programs.

Being a Subject Matter Expert is necessary (CSP, CHMM, IAP, etc.) to secure and maintain employment.

Unsure as we have no need to look for any!

There are more jobs than there are effective safety professionals to fill them. As a profession, safety professionals have been retiring out over the past 15 to 20 years with little to no backfill. Most young people coming out of college with a safety degree are looking for a high paying niche positions such as industrial hygienist, hazmat specialist, or ergonomist, and not many are looking for construction safety positions, health care safety positions, or other general industry safety positions.

Good for those with no certifications or years of experience.

There is no "current market" to provide a comparison for the market during this pandemic. There is no security for future anything until at this time since the market is so unstable.

Rapidly changing

I have applied to several jobs. I am very qualified. Certain companies want the perfect person and you are not going to get it. Very aggravating. They also do not want to pay you what you are worth as well as what you bring to the table. A lot of jobs on the websites, but no one calls.

with COVID-19 the job market as a whole is sparce, but these these positions will be in high demand after this is mitigated, in order to be better prepared in the future.


The market doesn't want to change for the better, they like band-aids instead of forward thinking staff. Micro managing is not the way to better the future.

Challenging, even with having advanced [ASP, CSP] certifications under your belt. There is always someone better than you getting hired when you apply and/or the Good Ol' Boy Network poison.


job market is uncertain at this moment for everyone

Not to bad.


Good outlook, lack of talented and caring professionals. Lots of crossovers from other professions.

So so,

The job market is down. All you need to do is look at the number of positions placed with management recruiters and will see we have been down for about a year.

Good and on the rise.

That depends upon the industry. My industry (media / film production) is completely shut down due to Corona-19. Complete standstill.

Good, but should be willing to relocate if necessary.

I think as companies begin to realize more and more the importance of the EHS Department, and understand the risk mitigations and cost avoidance that the EHS department can bring to the table, the field is becoming more of a "required" position for an organization rather than just a "nice to have". With that being said, companies are now moving more from the "train the internal guy" to become the safety guy, to now looking for professional safety personnel that understand regulations, training, communication, soft-skills, budgeting, etc.

I do not know I was an intern then a consultant and then the company hired me so I never really had to look for a job.

many companies want safety professionals but there are very few experienced ones in the country


Very strong. Emphasis on safety will increase, not decrease

I feel as though the market is stable, there could be a slight increase in openings with companies potentially looking to bring in fresher outlooks into methods for connecting with an ever evolving technological world.

Because of the current situation, I believe there will be more available safety professionals looking for jobs.

not that influential to others, there is a need but in CEO eyes it is only a "requirement" not a necessity


Unsure. I am not in the market for a new job.



Very good and demanding


Lots of people applying for few positions


Not enough qualified individuals with experience

There was a market for experienced safety professionals prior to Covid-19. Not sure what will happen now.


don't know


This is a hot market, but I think a lot of people are fearful of leaving and losing insurance benefits during this crises. Plus most employers want degrees and don't take into consideration the years of experience that a degree does not give you.





I think it's a good market, the biggest concern I have is that many employers don't know what to look for in a safety professional, and still think that safety is just "common sense" and that they have the means to train someone internally. We need to continue to educate employers on what the profession actually does; and how important it is.

Looking for safety professional with some medical experience

Very competitive with new college graduates with degrees but no real life experience. Few employers will even interview without a degree. Forcing real world experience to fall out of the market and in to other fields as they are replaced with a degree. Frustrating


Those who have a degree in safety or who have a certification have a good outlook.


Most employers use in-house staff to meet regulatory requirements. These employees have little to no training or experience. The employer just adds the additional task to the employee, no pay increase.

Unstable, companies will be looking to cut costs, payroll at the top. Safety has always been an expendable commodity

Depending on the company and the amount of safety desired is the deciding factor for how good the safety professional is. Some companies just want the OSHA basics covered, so the safety person can be anyone.


I haven't been looking for a job, so I am not sure.

I don't know. I have not been looking.

I believe there is a strong need for safety and health professionals, however a shortage of qualified candidates for these positions.

Improving daily.

I believe the market is good. There are ample opportunities for HSE pros, if we do not mind relocating.

From the local job openings, I don't view it as bad, but could be better

it seems crowded if the last NSC Convention is any indicator.

Strained as it’s being viewed as what’s value-added vs non-value-added

Dependent on the economy.

not good

Good, considering regular changes in regulation.

Safety and Health Workers fluctuate rapidly. I work in a dealership of a large manufacturing company. Every year we have a meeting with all the safety people from each dealership (about 50 in the US). I see a turn overrate of 30%

It appears strong. Employers realize EHS is here to stay and regulation is ever more strict and complex.

There are positions available IF you are willing to go where the "hot spots" are located. If you want to stay within your geomarket you may find it difficult to find a position, unless of course you are in the hotspot.

When revenue drops, the first to go are HSE Personnel. Companies will work very lean in the HSE Department.

I believe the market is good right now. There appears to be jobs available.

There are lots of opportunities.

If I look at LinkedIn there are multiple positions within my state that I would be well qualified for. However, they would require a relocation.

Don't know. I am a HR Professional who grew into this position.


I do not have any personal input for this question but I think that company's should commit to insuring the safety and heath of their employees. That would likely result in job opportunities for safety and health professionals.

At my place of employment. Safety is a secondary position. I am primarily a Quality System manager. Safety, Environmental, Regulatory and whatever comes along are on top of maintaining the Quality System. Same was true for my previous employer, I was there for 11 years, 6 at my current job.

My past experience has been as an Operations Manager and due to my background in the oil and gas industry and my role with safety i was asked to take this role as Safety & Compliance Director to lead our 5 facilities in to the safest work environment for our employee's and strive to be the best in front of our customers.

Professionals inclusive of 5+ years experience and safety-oriented education are very limited in the job market. On more than one occasion, we have been looking for such a candidate--they are simply not out there. The same candidate with 20+ years experience is difficult to compensate given current salary structure.

I haven't been looking for at job and don't know the status of the current job market.

The demand for workers is greater than the skill pool available. Older applicants seem to be over-qualified and younger applicants lack the skill set needed for the positions available. Some applicants try to get in with minimal experience, capitulating on what they have picked up via training and online courses. They lack actual experience.

Currently, I would say opportunities are limited as everyone is dealing with the pandemic. Just prior to, the job market was very robust.

Currently the job market for safety professionals are not a needed position. It's been a position that was a necessary evil. Now it's going to be a necessary position that will highly sought after. It will be a very high paying job.

The market is very strong for qualified SHE Professionals. These individuals bring untangeable value to organizations and have enough knowledge and experience to hit the ground running while they get to learn the day to day operations of the company.

Options available

Very consistent over the past serval years.


The current job market for health and safety professionals is stable. Demand will fluctuate as public policy will always shift with the priorities of each federal, state, and local political administrations.

I believe it is stable at this point.

Soft for the near future due to the disruption of the economy

Highly variable with the Industry and commitment from upper management.

I am uncertain as I am not looking for employment.


Very unknown

Good market if you are looking and are qualified

You can work anywhere if you're willing to relocate.

Weakening due to Coronavirus

I think there is a general misunderstanding of what a safety and health professional "is" or does. To frequently locations fill these positions with employees that might know "a little about safety" and some OSHA stuff but not with anyone with certification or a degree. Even at locations with prior OSHA history. I work for a staffing agency and when we evaluate clients we see this scenario frequently.

Very good / stable.

There is a shortage.

this should stimulate their importance and need

Stable pre-pandemic, uncertain post-pandemic


All things considered I see a robust need for EHS professionals


If you have a competitive resume and can interview well, you should be able to find a job within 6 months (max) of looking. You should be able to find something even quicker if you're willing to commute. For me personally, there are a lot more jobs available if I drove 1 hour vs. what I'd prefer which is 30 minutes or less.

I would say it is good.

More like a commodity - salaries are lower each year.

Informal and saturated. Despite quals most employers hiring within for safety.

I see many jobs available, but have not researched them to see how they compare in value for a qualified employee.

I believe their are a lot of opportunities out there, however corporations need to treat their employees like people instead of numbers.


A lot of positions open but employers not willing to pay for experience. Offered pay is low even for experienced people. Employers willing to take high school diplomas as minimum education.

From the Federal Gov side, very poor.

Unknown, been at this position for almost 6 months.

Steady with openings at many levels.



I think that in the short-term there will be an increase in demand for S&H professionals because there is federal, state and local legislation to read, understand (or decipher) and communicate to a broad range of individuals - including elected and appointed officials, hourly, part-time and seasonal employees.

Once the legislation is understood, policies and procedures must be crafted, approved, and incorporated into current policies and procedures which must then be disseminated to all employees.



I wouldn't really know.

Highly competitive

The best I have seen it in my career

I think there are many jobs available for OSH professionals. Certain industries are probably growing quicker than others.

There seems to be jobs out there if people are willing to relocate.

Some areas still have a need for safety professionals, while other industries such as oil and gas seem to have plenty of pros looking for work.

There is a need for experienced safety professional and a void that needs to be filled nationally. The job market is good for this field.

under paid over worked

Unknown, I have never really looked into it.

Upcoming and developing

I don't believe anyone is hiring right now in the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic. Depending on how long all the shut-downs & isolations continue, there may be many companies who can't afford to add staff due to the huge down turn in their profitability during the pandemic.

Weak but, with Covid-19, going to get better.

The job market is plentiful with opportunities. I regularly get e-mails and looks on my Linked In account

The entire job market is in flux due to COVID-19. This is a very difficult question to answer. If businesses can't stay open and operate then they don't need safety people around.


Flexibility and agility to learn and adapt are required

I think it depends on the industry. I think in the construction or manufacturing sectors safety will be okay. Currently with the oil and gas industry or when you look at the coal industry, I think you will see a drop off in safety as they begin to close their doors.

Small companies have begun releasing personnel in the oil and gas industry due to low pricing this trend will continue

strong and expanding

Very Good

Companies look at cost, more then safety unless the company's design opens them up for a large number of accidents because of their risk factors. Most companies will put an unexperienced person in place do keep costs low, which for example is bad for say a chemical company. A number of jobs in safety need the guy that trains in key areas of safety. If the risks are low yes put a guy that is new in and train him right with out side sources. If the risk is high pay the cost for the guy that when to school for safety.


There seems to be a lot of safety jobs that require traveling but not everyone can or wants to.

Unstable. No one knows truly how to manage our skill sets and knowledge as production multiplier. Most organizations see us a drain on resources specifically funds.

I work in Workers' Compensation. The need for safety and health professionals is in high demand, especially with construction and factory settings.

I think the market is growing. I see an ongoing boom in the safety market

Good due to the increased awareness of the need to protect employees.

Pretty good

I don't know- job market is in question throughout NYC

Very good



Reasonably strong.

Many opportunities if you are willing to try new things and be a flexible learner.


I see a lot of opportunities if you are seriously looking

With COVID-19, I believe we will be in need of more SSHP. These events will drastically change a lot of SOPs for the future

A decent amount of open positions but companies do not seem to want to pay well and want everything for weak wages

I think there are jobs out there.

Manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries provide opportunities for Safety professional. However, there is not the same rationale for government sector and some construction companies. There is an emerging awareness and commitment on large construction site. In some agencies within the government, state or local, wages are low therefore safety position are filled mostly with one specialist or may be two.

Strong, although I see employers taking the less expensive alternative to a safety professional through appointing in-house employees to a safety position with little or no experience.

Job market seems strong, but there are also a lot of good ehs professionals applying for positions.

Thinking we will need to continue getting higher level certs if we are to stay in this field. Just about every journeyman iron worker has the 30 hour. I'm currently studying for the CHST

It seems to be a specialized field where individuals build experience and move from company to company

I believe it is currently stable, and with the current Covid-19 outbreak it may remain so for sometime as companies look to stabilize once the dust settles. Once that has occurred I believe it might see a slight increase so that organizations have a person who can help lead and maintain responses to these types of issues.

Not sure.


The jobs are being filled by inexperienced personnel who are more concerned about their authority, rule-making and "professional status" than actually educating the workforce in hazard recognition, understanding cause and effect, and promoting logical thinking.

I don't think there has been much change in the job market. I think a new job responsibility has been introduces - viral illnesses.

It is extremely hard to get begin a career in safety and health. Everyone wants someone who has years of experience, but for those of us that graduate with a degree in Safety and had a full-time job to pay for college did not have experience or internships. I think better consideration and open-mindedness that no matter what level of experience, everyone will have to be trained for any job they come in to, whether they've been a safety professional for 10+ years or are just starting out.

There is the training of Managers to do the same thing, depends on the employer, and if they want dedicated personnel to the task.

Our industry is beginning to see a down turn and so I think it will stay relatively flat.

I believe there might be a greater demand currently but w/ppa being in such short supply I dont see a resolution to the problem of the need for more personal when the entire country is unable to meet the need for necessary equipment to keep those already in place safe & continuing to provide care


Positions are always being advertised, but skills advertised as needed do vary from organization to organization.

The market for safety and health professionals is growing

I believe the market will increase when COVID 19 passes.

Growing in the Bay Area. Always in demand.

Highly varied, depending upon specific industry needs.

I believe that effective safety professionals will generally find work

Safety and health professionals are at an all time low. There is an immediate need for hire, especially in the public sector.

high demand for experienced people

Hard to say when I really haven't looked

Ideal - under the given circumstances, most businesses are referring to their safety professionals. Our understanding of government regulation in conjunction with the know how to locate such information, has placed a premium on our services.

Those who are very qualified will have no issues. those who are in it for the money will fall out of the running.

Right now, the job market is probably fairly stagnant with jobs being on hold or hiring freezes in place, but after this, it will most likely pick up as the economy and market begin to move up.


like all job

There are many openings and very few experienced professionals to take these roles.

Currently, everything is at a stopping point. As the economy improves we will see a small uptick in safety positions avaliable.

I honestly don't know.

I am not sure. I have been with the organization for over 40 years in various positions (production, maintenance, management, EHS

not sure really have not looked


Very good. I have seen many EHS Manager position openings in Ohio.

Very bad and most safety officers lack training and motivation.

Not sure - but it is a very important job. I think the Universities need to make sure they have courses available for students who may want to go into this profession. Our young people may not know it's a career choice. The Industrial Engineering Major could be an area that focuses on this - or a branch of it. Maybe a Minor.

open and in need

Employers are wanting large amounts of experience and qualifications but are not willing to pay what those qualifications and experience are worth.


Demonstrate an awareness of safety importance and any company will consider you.

Competitive and expanding for individuals who are well credentialed.

Very robust

The Safety and Health line of business will have to break down safety and health disciplines, due to the vast amount of

OSHA, Cal-OSHA and other regulatory agencies, due to their increasing mandates.


Very good


Advertised when required


depending on where you fall on the spectrum of education and experience I believe the outlook for Safety professionals is excellent. Primarily because there are far more choices for education and the employers are beginning to see the ROI of a well-seasoned safety professional.

Not enough trained or qualified people to fill the available positions. Also, too many terms for the same position, i.e. some companies refer to their safety position as manager when in reality its a field tech position.

COVID-19 has everything in flux. Doing this survey right now deserves a giant ASTERISK - LIKE BARRY BOND'S BASEBALL you cannot get meaningful responses when this pandemic has so many people out of work, industries shutting down right and left AND no realistic idea of how long this will go on.

Unknown at this time. Could get worse or it could get better.

The current market is strong. However, most employers are seeking the "golden safety professional" i.e. CSP / ARM / IH etc. There are many very knowledgeable safety professionals who have come up through the ranks of the safety industry who do not have the foundational education to complete the CSP etc. but, are still VERY knowledgeable and able to manage a program and personnel with little to no guidance. Also, senior safety professionals are oftentimes not offered enough money to make a change. $50k, $60k or even $70k is not enough for a "Regional Safety Professional" with multiple locations and responsibilities.

Slow moving



Judging by the number of calls I've been getting from recruiters, I believe it's a good time to be a safety and health professional.



Much needed. I think the emphasis for CSPs exceed the experience of qualified safety professionals.

The job market looks robust. However, many job postings are becoming very detailed to qualifications and requirements that limits the pool of applicants. Many jobs stay open longer due to this over emphasis on strict qualifications.


Current legislation forces the company to comply with health and safety

Therefore safety is very vital and demanding within working industry

Persons with too much or too little experience, or persons applying for Safety and Health position but with wrong credentials.

Decent. There are jobs available.

I have worked as the health and safety professional for only a relatively short time, and have been contacted multiple times by recruiters looking to fill positions. Based on that I assume that there is high demand for qualified professionals.


Lots of options for entry level

I feel the market is strong for construction and for construction safety. We need to get past the next 6 weeks and past the Covid-19 mess but the industry is strong and i believe will bounce back.

its unforgiving and hard to get in to


It's been an area that has a shortage in safety professionals and now the demand is going to be needed even more

I believe it is an excellent time and opportunity for professionals to prove their value by addressing the Pandemic challenges professionally, effectively and efficiently.

Dropping / shinking

I'm optimistic and I believe safety and health professionals will be valued more in the future due to the current situation.


Very stable and getting better

They need to expand their base. I've been doing this for 24yr., and still meet S&H Professionals that can't do a JHA.

I think, if smart, most companies should start considering safety more than they do now.

Strong market. Everyone who wants to work should be employed.


For the businesses that understand the importance of safety and "walk the walk" there is a good job market which requires professionally trained individuals. For the businesses that only pay lip service to safety, the market is also good, but the work is extremely difficult as you are getting sandwiched from both management and regular employees.

uncertain what the current job market is like for safety and health professionals



There plenty of S/H positions, but many require travel and are project based.

the entire job market is up in the air, no one can really predict.

With this day and time and with insurance rates going higher, I can believe companies now are looking for any rate break. If they can keep their employees safe and lower medical cost with Worker's Comp then they will be ahead of the game to save money.


Job market isn't stable for anyone right now with the Covid 19 virus going around.

Wide open, doesn't seem to be a lot of young people interested in safety.

In the south you may have to work out of town.

I think it is steady.

Bleak, especially for those who are looking at higher levels and/or dont want to move to a remote wisconsin or overpriced but underpaid CA position.


Unable to measure under Covid 19 pressures

Not sure, haven't been looking

For the region I have the most experience with it is very little as the National Laboratories take the majority; outside businesses often have no S&H or they appoint a person with no education. When a company does find a qualified person, the pay is well below starting salary out of college.

Need more experienced professionals now



Very good in certain industries such as logistics, heath care and manufacturing. Not so good in others, such as retail.

the profession is growing, but the representation within corporate america's higher organization chart is dwindling

Don't know.


positive in most sectors

Disgusting because of the alleged CSP credential be relevant to advance




The demand is not well at this time. The companies that are still active in the Industry that have a demand for Safety and Health Specialist, Managers, etc.. are not requiring their Safety Teams to be Certified, or with previous training, inspection, or involvement in the Field. The companies are taking people from within the company, and giving them a 8-10hr certification and putting them to work instead of the Safety Professionals, that have many years of experience, in all phases of Safety, Management or on site Representation. This is going to be along drawn out ordeal. I thing that in order for the true professionals in our field, their are going to let downs that could result in deaths, injuries etc. in order for the Companies to understand that a individual without the specific prior management knowledge of Preventive Accidental involvement, or knowledge of how to regulate or do professional management of identifying accidents prior to someone actually being involved in a serious, or a life saving situation our professionalism in the Safety Field could be adhered to or lost...

I am not quite sure. I have searched the internet and see opportunities. However, I am satisfied with my current position and have no immediate plans to leave.

Mid range jobs are plentiful. Top jobs are difficult to find and attain.


Relatively strong in my area, I believe this pandemic will also spark the interest of companies without safety personnel on-staff to look harder at adding one or additional jobs.

It seemed to be in a good place prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

I haven't been in the market in 10 years so i'm not sure

Open Market

The current job market is poor due to COVID-19


There are a lot of safety positions within all industries, but the positions are secondary to what someone is really hired for. All too often, the safety aspect is overlooked so that the individual can complete their real job duties. This should stop.

Not good. Safety is overrated according to 9 out of 10 workers.

There will be a need for experienced safety professionals to respond to all the changes that are happening. Unfortunately I believe companies will promote inexperienced employees to fulfill the role.

There is a shortage of applicants/candidates for SHE positions.

Looking at current situation, safety and health professionals can spread awareness and proactively perform the advisory duties. So surly, market has wide opening for us.

On its way up

Very unpredictable, unstable.

Companies will continue to look to cut cost. The most experienced are the most expensive. We will go first.

There is relatively low demand for Safety and Health Professionals.



No qualified people are availble.


I can only speak for the nuclear power industry but we find it increasingly difficult to fill short-term safety positions (for refueling outage work). This is a perfect situation for (single) young safety professionals looking for experience and for retired safety professionals to bolster their sometimes meager social security and saving.

It still remains a necessary evil. I left a position in Sep. 2019 and after speaking with the sites facility manager was informed that safety duties have been assigned to non-trained employees. There is now one employee for each EHS task, hazard waste manifests, hazard waste pick-up scheduling, TIER reports, OSHA 300 log, etc. The site has 9 employees with no training to cover what a trained EHS specialist can do.

Companies or government are not willing to pay for qualified safety professionals. They want CSP's but only offer entry level pay.

Very good for EHS personnel as long as the individual is willing to relocate.

A shift in needs will occur.

There is always work if safety professionals maintain their skills and are willing to relocate.

The market is very demand driven at this time. It is very difficult to hire new staff that is qualified and salary is inflated.

I think it is a growing market that is just now evolving. While the market has been there for years, I think it is just starting to take off.

I am pretty new to the market, so I am not very aware of what it looks like compared to any other time before now.

Observando que nos dias atuais, os próprios Governos não tem estimulado ou legislado, em prol, de um aumento do mercado de trabalho em OHS nas empresas, assim nas empresas também não há preocupação em criar vagas ou mesmo contratar profissionais da área.

Very Good with experience

There is a great demand for qualified safety and health professionals, but we currently have a shortage.

It seems to be out there. I get multiple inquiries from being a member of Linked In. I also have a report that I get from for safety professional openings.

Poor short term during lockdown for the next 2 months, better once business open again

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