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OSHA campaign targets MSDs in health care industry

OSHA campaign targets MSDs

Philadelphia – OSHA has launched a campaign that aims to protect health care workers from musculoskeletal disorders, the leading cause of injuries for those workers.

Announced July 16, the campaign intends to provide information for health care employers, unions and associations in the District of Columbia and three nearby states. It will focus on controlling hazards associated with MSD injuries, including how to implement zero-lift programs.

“The best control for MSDs is an effective prevention program. Our goal is to assist nursing homes and long-term care facilities in promoting effective processes to prevent injuries,” MaryAnn Garrahan, OSHA regional administrator in Philadelphia, said in a press release.

On July 17, Washington-based advocacy group Public Citizen released a report that criticized OSHA for not inspecting more health care industry establishments and lacking standards addressing health care industry hazards, including those pertaining to MSDs.