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ATA requests rest-break exemption for all hazmat drivers

Arlington, VA – The American Trucking Associations is asking the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to give all drivers transporting hazardous materials more flexibility regarding FMCSA’s rest-break requirement.

FMCSA’s current hours-of-service regulations, which fully went into effect July 1, require commercial motor vehicle operators to take off-duty rest breaks of at least 30 minutes after eight hours of continuous driving. Currently, drivers transporting certain hazardous materials who stay in attendance with their vehicles are still considered on-duty.

FMCSA recently granted a two-year exemption to drivers transporting security-sensitive radioactive materials, allowing them to use attendance time for their rest-break requirement, as long as no other work is performed at that time. In a July 18 letter, ATA requested that FMCSA expand the exemption to all drivers carrying hazardous materials, claiming the move would help protect the safety and security of the hazardous materials and the public by encouraging drivers to stay in attendance with their vehicles on breaks.