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NIOSH releases safe driving fact sheets for teen workers

Washington – Two new fact sheets from NIOSH provide information aimed at helping young workers drive safely.

Motor vehicle crashes are the top cause of on-the-job deaths among workers 16 to 24 years old, according to NIOSH. Risk factors include driving inexperience, overestimating driving skills, immaturity, being distracted by talking on a cell phone or eating, and fatigue.

One fact sheet provides advice for employers, such as:

  • Only allow workers 18 or older to operate vehicles
  • Require safety belt use
  • Provide driver training
  • Make sure the vehicle is in proper working condition
  • Implement adverse weather policies
  • Schedule work so drivers can safely make time-sensitive deliveries

A second fact sheet has tips for parents of young workers, including:

  • Be aware of the tasks involved in the teen’s job
  • Talk about driving in bad weather
  • Emphasize the importance of wearing safety belts, obeying the speed limit and maintaining a safe following distance
  • Ask if the employer has provided driver training
  • Be alert for signs of fatigue in your teen