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Honeywell publishes whitepaper on emergency eyewash best practices and hidden dangers

Honeywell recently announced it has published a new whitepaper, How to Identify Safe and Effective Emergency Eyewash – and the Hidden Dangers to Avoid. Authored by the world leader in personal protective equipment, including a broad line of emergency eyewash, this nine-page publication from Honeywell Safety Products serves as an invaluable resource to everyone responsible for industrial health and safety. The whitepaper is available now for download in English and French.

Readers will learn the latest national safety standards as well as equipment options and proper overall usage. Emergency eyewash flushing fluids are also detailed, including the differences between sterile and non-sterile fluids, buffered and Ph balanced fluids, manufacturing processes and other possible sources of harmful impurities. By providing a comprehensive look at the facts behind the safe and effective treatment of industrial eye injuries, Honeywell aims to reduce the impact of recordable eye injuries and support every organization’s overall safety culture.