'Accoustical Confusion': A music video about hearing loss

November 15, 2012

E.A.R., Inc. has released a music video featuring lyrics penned by CEO Gary Gordon.

“I’ve always wanted to have a song about hearing protection,” Gordon said, “so I wrote one.”

The music video tells a story from the viewpoint of a baby boomer giving advice to younger people. As a consequence of noisy working environments as well as leisure activities like shooting guns and riding motorcycles, he suffers from “acoustical confusion” and experiences no end of difficulty and embarrassment in trying to communicate.

Gordon credits Carol Gunn, Gunn Graphics, with production coordination. She arranged for the band, Crystal Flavola, to write and perform the music to Gordon’s lyrics. The video was recorded in an Austin, TX, beer garden.

“We are also addressing a common misconception that hearing loss is only caused by aging”, Gordon explained. “Hearing health care professionals are seeing people at increasingly younger ages suffering from hearing loss caused by loud music, noisy hobbies, even wearing earbuds." He said it's the company's mission to help prevent hearing loss and wants the video to become a tool for others who share the goal.

The video is available for download or on DVD.