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OSHA renews vehicle struck-by emphasis program in three Midwest states

March 8, 2016

Kansas City, MO – In an effort to prevent potentially fatal struck-by incidents, OSHA is advising Midwest employers to use their “E.Y.E.S.”

E.Y.E.S, or “Evaluate Your Entire Surroundings,” is the title of educational materials available from OSHA offices that provide employers with incident data, prevention strategies, risk assessment steps and common operator errors on vehicle struck-bys. The materials are available in both English and Spanish.

OSHA offices in Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska are urging employers to use the materials to better protect workers from struck-by vehicle hazards. Since 2012, 35 workers have been killed in struck-by incidents in the three states, OSHA said.

As part of a push to increase industry outreach to reduce injuries involving vehicles, powered industrial trucks and motorized equipment, OSHA on Feb. 29 announced it had renewed a Regional Emphasis Program in the three states. The REP will feature various outreach activities and inspections targeting workplaces in construction, general industry and maritime. It expires Sept. 30, but can be extended.

“Struck-by vehicle fatalities and injuries are 100 percent preventable,” Marcia Drumm, regional administrator for OSHA, said in a press release. “Employers must do more to prevent these tragedies including evaluating their workplaces to identify and eliminate hazards, and training employees to recognize hazardous conditions.”