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Photo: Hailshadow/iStockphoto

New DOT working group to analyze safety grants

April 20, 2016

Washington – The Department of Transportation has created a working group to study how it distributes grant funding to states for large truck and bus safety initiatives.

The collaborative effort is known as the Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program Formula Working Group, transportation officials announced April 8. DOT was required to establish a working group as part of the long-term transportation funding bill known as the FAST Act.

The working group will comprise 15 members, including five representatives from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The group also includes representatives from Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Massachusetts and Ohio. Members will be asked to advise DOT on ways to improve its safety grant program for roadside inspections, traffic enforcement and other activities.

“We’re extremely pleased to have such a diverse group of leading commercial motor vehicle safety professionals participating in this significant endeavor,” FMCSA Acting Administrator T.F. Scott Darling III said in a press release. “This is an exciting opportunity to identify ways in which we can improve our grant allocation processes and, in turn, improve safety for the traveling public.”