8 tips for creating a successful workplace safety committee

April 25, 2016

Once you have employees involved in your safety committee, it’s important to understand the steps you’ll need to take to keep them interested. “In occupational safety and health, motivation increases employees’ awareness, interest, and willingness to act in ways that improve their own safety and that of co-workers,” NSC states.

So, what can your workplace do? NSC notes that the odds of creating a successful safety committee increase when the following factors are present:

  • Management participates and regularly shows its commitment to the safety committee.
  • The committee stays relevant by using slogans, posters and performance recognition, among other things.
  • Continuous efforts are made to keep workplace conditions safe. Tools and other equipment, as well as the general layout of the workplace, are well-designed.
  • Maintenance is effective.
  • A variety of effective training and supervision is available.