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Photo: Ontario Road Builders’ Association

Videos use humor to promote work zone safety

May 26, 2016

Mississauga, Ontario – A new series of videos from the Ontario Road Builders’ Association relies on humor to promote safety in construction work zones.

The three videos – The Failure To Merge, The Road Rager and The Speeder – aim to raise awareness about the importance of safe driving in and around work zones. In the videos, construction workers show what it would be like if workers in a traditional office setting encountered reckless drivers. Each video ends with the message, “Wouldn’t happen at your work. Shouldn’t happen at ours.”

“Speeding, road rage, distracted driving in construction zones can significantly impact someone’s life,” ORBA Executive Director Geoff Wilkinson said in a press release. “It’s critical we protect people that work in our industry. If we can save one worker’s life this construction season, this campaign will be deemed a success.”