State of Hawaii -- Sep13

Photo: Dept. of Hawaiian Home Lands

Hawaii State Plan regains jurisdiction over agriculture, general industry safety

June 17, 2016

Washington – The Hawaii Occupational Safety and Health Division has reassumed responsibility for agriculture and general industry responsibilities.

Federal OSHA has had jurisdiction since 2012 as part of an agreement intended to help Hawaii rebuild its program and protect workers. Under the revised agreement, federal OSHA will continue to oversee refineries.

“During its developmental period under initial approval, Hawaii’s Department of Labor and Industrial Relations has taken several steps in rebuilding the capacity of HIOSH,” the agreement states. “Hawaii is committed to redeveloping its State Plan, has increased its staff recruitment to reach its staffing benchmark, and has exceeded the OSA’s goal for the number of inspections in Fiscal Year 2015.”

The document also outlines milestones HIOSH must achieve in order to regain section 18(e) final approval status, which would give the program full jurisdiction over all industries. OSHA stated it would work with HIOSH toward meeting that goal.