OSHA releases fact sheets on combustible dust, farm emergencies

July 6, 2016

Washington – Two new fact sheets from OSHA provide information intended to protect workers from combustible dust explosion hazards and agricultural emergencies.

Protecting Workers from Combustible Dust Explosion Hazards provides a list of steps for employers and employees to take to stay safe when working with combustible dust materials.

The agency promotes a “Capture, Contain, Clean” slogan to control dust:

  • Capture dust before it reaches a work area by using proper collection systems.
  • Contain dust within equipment, systems or rooms built to handle the material.
  • Clean work spaces, overhead surfaces and concealed areas often.

Emergency Preparedness for Farmworkers informs employers and supervisors about how to develop and practice an emergency action plan for natural disasters or incidents involving farm equipment, vehicles and other items. It covers the following topics:

  • Defining an Emergency Action Plan
  • Preparing an EAP
  • Pre-planning
  • Training
  • Farm exercises and drills
  • Medical service and first aid
  • Workplace emergency response team
  • Contractors
  • Workers’ rights