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EPA review committee issues report on 1-Bromopropane risk assessment draft

August 31, 2016

Arlington, VA – An advisory committee has concluded that the Environmental Protection Agency’s draft document on health risks involving the chemical 1-Bromopropane is “a good risk assessment document” overall but could be improved.

1-Bromopropane, otherwise known as 1-BP or n-propyl bromide, can be found in spray adhesives and is used during degreasing activities, dry cleaning and other processes. Exposure has been linked to eye and skin irritation, headaches, dizziness, loss of consciousness and other adverse health outcomes, including cancer.

In May, the EPA Chemical Safety Advisory Committee examined scientific matters of the draft regarding 1-Bromopropane’s use in commercial and consumer settings. In its report, released Aug. 23, the committee noted that although exposure to the chemical commonly occurs through inhalation, skin-related exposure also is possible, and suggested that an estimate for skin exposure be added.

The committee urged EPA to complete the risk assessment soon due to high risks for adverse health issues, some of which have been “underestimated,” and to explore ways to obtain additional information on exposure.