Motor Vehicle Safety at Work

Photo: CDC Foundation

Latest ‘Business Pulse’ from CDC Foundation addresses motor vehicle safety

August 31, 2016

Atlanta – In an effort to improve motor vehicle safety among the workforce, the CDC Foundation offers resources for both workers and employers in the most recent issue of Business Pulse.

Included is information on the challenges organizations face when it comes to preventing work-related crashes. Additional tools include an interactive infographic; a Q&A with Dr. Stephanie Pratt, director of the Center for Motor Vehicle Safety at NIOSH, and Dane Bremer, director of Corporate Safety and Global Business Continuity for Liberty Mutual; and other guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“Preventing crashes takes a combined effort to address factors that may put workers at risk,” NIOSH Director John Howard said in a press release. “Our strong collaborations with the business community help us effectively communicate our research and recommendations to prevent work-related crashes, injuries and deaths.”

Federal statistics show motor vehicle crashes accounted for 36 percent of U.S. work-related deaths in 2014.