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Now available to federal contractors: DOL labor-law compliance pre-assessment

September 13, 2016

Washington – The Department of Labor is offering labor-law compliance pre-assessments to all current or prospective federal contractors to help them meet new disclosure requirements laid out in President Barack Obama’s Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces Executive Order.

The process is designed to answer questions from employers expecting to compete for federal contracts worth at least $500,000.

Through a pre-assessment request intake, employers submit required information before receiving a confirmation email. A representative from DOL will then provide the employer with an additional form to include with a labor law violation history.

Employers must disclose any of 14 established violations of workplace protections cited during the previous three years, including those related to safety and health, family and medical leave, civil rights protections, collective bargaining, and wages.

Pre-assessment is ongoing, and employers may complete request intakes after the first phases of the final rule go into effect on Oct. 25. 

DOL said the pre-assessment process would begin Sept. 12.