Photo: bermau/iStockphoto

MIOSHA takes aim at hazards encountered during blight removal

October 5, 2016

Lansing, MI – The Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration is looking to protect workers from hazards linked to asbestos, lead and cadmium that may be encountered during blight removal projects, as part of a one-year state emphasis program launched in September.

The program will focus mainly on residential jobsites. MIOSHA said it will increase inspections at blight removal jobsites and work with employers during each inspection to help them identify hazards.

“As Michigan continues to eliminate blight and revitalize its neighborhoods, it’s especially important that the men and women working on these projects are protected from potential health hazards,” MIOSHA Acting Director Bart Pickelman said in a press release “MIOSHA will be inspecting more jobsites to ensure employees involved in blight cleanup are properly trained, protected and equipped to work with hazardous materials in a safe manner.”