Photo: Oregon OSHA

Oregon OSHA schedules statewide ‘safety break’

January 25, 2017

Salem, OR – Oregon OSHA is inviting employers across the state to participate in the 14th annual Safety Break for Oregon to renew a commitment to preventing workplace injuries and deaths.

The event, scheduled for May 10, aims to raise awareness about the importance of occupational safety and health. Employers are encouraged to improve safety and health for their employees through training, awards and other activities. Oregon OSHA also is urging employers and employees to work together to identify safety and health-related issues, which can result in fewer injuries and lower workers’ compensation costs.

“This stand-down provides an opportunity for employers and their workers to pause and remember the high value they should place on safety and health while on the job,” Oregon OSHA Administrator Michael Wood said in a Jan. 20 press release. “It’s an opportunity to celebrate past successes and to review the reasons behind those successes. It’s also a time to reflect on current challenges and to look to the future with a renewed commitment to identifying and eliminating hazards.”