metra train

Photo: Laura Eisenberg/iStockphoto

FRA issues stay on rule requiring system safety programs

February 15, 2017

Washington – The Federal Railroad Administration has issued a stay of requirements until March 21 for its final rule mandating commuter and intercity passenger railroads create and implement a system safety program.

The stay is in response to guidance issued on Jan. 20 that requests the new presidential administration be given “an adequate opportunity to review new and pending regulations,” according to a notice published in the Feb. 13 Federal Register.

The final rule, published Aug. 12, states that an SSP is “a structured program with proactive processes and procedures, developed and implemented by commuter and intercity passenger railroads to identify and mitigate or eliminate hazards and the resulting risks on each railroad’s system.” Railroads may modify SSPs depending on how they operate, but FRA has to review and approve the plan before implementation.