spraying pesticide
Photo: vitranc/iStockphoto

Citing worker exposure risk, EPA revises instructions on water-soluble pesticide packaging

April 12, 2017

Washington – The Environmental Protection Agency has revised label instructions for products with water-soluble packaging in an effort to protect pesticide handlers from exposure to toxins.

The revision is in response to recent findings from the Agricultural Handler Exposure Task Force, which observed various improper practices – including spraying products with high-pressure water and breaking water-soluble bags – that offset WSP technology and actually increased handler exposure to pesticides. “When used properly, WSP can significantly reduce handler exposure during the mixing and loading of pesticides,” EPA states in a press release.

EPA stated that it collaborated with state officials and the task force to revise language on the label, which now features detailed, step-by-step instructions for use.

A letter from the agency was sent to registrants of these products informing them of the label changes.