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Window cleaning association unveils online safety guide

July 25, 2017

McLean, VA – The International Window Cleaning Association outlines hazards and best practices to help protect window cleaners on the job in its newly released field safety guide.

Developed through IWCA’s alliance with OSHA, the guide is intended to help window cleaners who complete commercial work, residential work or construction cleaning identify and avoid hazards related to chemicals; electrical work; slips, trips and falls; razor scrapers; and weather.

The guide also covers employer and employee requirements for personal protective equipment under OSHA’s standard on walking-working surfaces.

“Your employer must develop and provide a safe window cleaning operation to protect the safety and health of workers and the general public,” the guide states. “Regardless of what type of equipment and tools may be used on the job, your employer must ensure that the equipment is properly inspected and maintained before it gets used.”