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OSHA launches webpage on HAZWOPER

July 25, 2017

Washington – OSHA has created a webpage intended to help workers and employers involved with the agency’s Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response Standard (1910.120) for construction and general industry.

The page includes links to background information on HAZWOPER and corresponding OSHA standards, as well as resources for general businesses, worker preparedness and training.

The Superfund Amendments Reauthorization Act required OSHA to establish regulations protecting workers involved in hazardous waste procedures. Workers exposed to hazardous substances may encounter various immediate and long-term health effects, including chemical burns, sensitization, irritation and other potentially fatal toxic effects, OSHA notes. In addition, unexpected releases of hazardous substances may trigger fires, explosions, high-energy events and/or toxic atmospheres.

“Employers must adequately prepare emergency response and cleanup workers to clearly understand their role(s) in managing unexpected releases of hazardous substances, so they can act quickly and respond in a safe manner during an emergency,” the webpage states.