Voluntary Protection Program

OSHA to host second public VPP meeting Aug. 28

August 16, 2017

Washington – The second of two public meetings to discuss how OSHA can “reshape” its Voluntary Protection Programs is scheduled for Aug. 28 in New Orleans.

The agency is seeking stakeholder input as it explores how to revamp VPP so it “continues to represent safety and health excellence, leverages partner resources, further recognizes the successes of long-term participants and supports smart program growth.”

OSHA is accepting comment until Sept. 15 on “overall VPP process and flow; corporate/long-term participant involvement; and Special Government Employee activities.”

The agenda includes a review of the first meeting, which took place July 17, along with public comments/suggestions. The deadline to register for the meeting is Aug. 23.

Members of the House on March 9 introduced a bipartisan bill that would make VPP permanent. At press time, the bill had been referred to the Education and the Workforce Committee.