Photo: OSHA

Latest ‘Fatal Facts’ examines fall from forklift-elevated pallet

September 13, 2017

Washington – OSHA is warning employees and employers about the dangers of falling from pallets raised by forklifts in its latest edition of Fatal Facts.

The resource details the death of a full-time warehouse worker who was killed after falling 7 feet from a pallet to a lower level. The victim was standing on an improperly raised pallet while unsafely moving inventory on the top of a steel storage rack when he slipped and fell. He died in the hospital days later from his injuries.

To help prevent worker fatalities, OSHA advises employers to:

  • Restrict workers from riding on or occupying pallets raised by forklifts.
  • Provide workers with proper tools and equipment for every job, and survey working surfaces. Equipment designed for lifting warehouse workers includes manufactured personnel platforms and high-lift order pickers.
  • Provide forklift training to workers who operate and work near this machinery.
  • Provide workers with fall protection while ensuring use follows the walking/working surfaces final rule and personal fall protection system standards.