man painting car
Photo: ArthurGraphics/iStockphoto

American Chemistry Council creates PPE infographic for auto refinishers

June 13, 2018

Washington — In partnership with OSHA, the American Chemistry Council has published an infographic to encourage workers in the automotive refinishing industry to wear the correct personal protective equipment.

The infographic, released March 12, states that high-performance polyurethane coatings often contain isocyanates and other organic solvents, additives, pigments and stabilizers. These chemicals have the potential to cause adverse health hazards such as irritation and sensitization.

“It is important to wear the appropriate PPE during the painting process to prevent exposure to these chemicals from skin contact or breathing in vapors,” the council states.

ACC recommends wearing a loose-fitting powered air purifying hood or helmet, chemical-resistant gloves, safety shoes and a faceshield that “can be included as part of respiratory protection.” It also recommends full-body coveralls – coated or film-laminated – that are chemically resistant.

AAC recommends workers consult coatings suppliers’ Safety Data Sheets and an ACC guidance document to help determine the appropriate PPE for specific applications.