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CDC requests input on draft updating guidelines for infection control in health care personnel

November 15, 2018

Atlanta — The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is seeking public comment on a draft updating two sections of existing guidance intended to assist health care administrators with “providing occupational infection prevention and control services to health care personnel,” according to a notice published in the Oct. 15 Federal Register.

The sections cover protocol for infrastructure and routine practices, which initially were published in 1998. Since 2015, the Healthcare Infection Control Practices Advisory Committee – a group comprising stakeholders from public health, infectious diseases, regulatory and other federal agencies – has collaborated with academics, health professionals, health care providers and other partners to update the guidance, the notice states.

Upon finalization, the draft will not become a federal rule or regulation. “Instead, its purpose … will be to facilitate the provision of occupational prevention and control services to health care personnel.”

The docket number for comments, which are due Dec. 14, is CDC-2018-0099.