Photo: Department of Labor

New OSHA video details inspection process under ammonium nitrate emphasis program

February 27, 2019

Washington — OSHA has published a new video highlighting the inspection process under the agency’s Regional Emphasis Program for fertilizer-grade ammonium nitrate and agricultural anhydrous ammonia.

The 10-minute video, released Feb. 4, discusses the three phases of an OSHA compliance officer’s visit – opening conference, walkaround and closing conference – and what occurs during each.

“Ensuring compliance with OSHA standards is an integral part of the agency’s mission to keep workers safe and healthy,” the video states. “A safe workplace benefits everyone. OSHA uses a balance of enforcement and compliance assistance to achieve this shared goal. That’s why OSHA is working to give employers the knowledge and tools they need to comply with their obligations and provide safety information to employees.”

For information on the inspection process related to this REP, which launched Oct. 1 and covers Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Texas, visit OSHA’s website or call 800-321-OSHA (6742).